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The “ONE” thing?

May 26, 2010 No comments yet

Is the purpose of the church a choice? Is it a choice that each independent Christian community has the right to make of and for itself? For instance, can we say, “we’re a fellowship community” or “we’re a praise and worship community” or “we’re a outreach community?” Is the purpose of the church arbitrary? If [...]

Is God stringing you along.

May 6, 2010 No comments yet

One summer day while walking in the park, a man saw a small boy with a string loosely tied around his wrist.  The mans eyes followed the string from the grass where the boy was playing to the belt of an older man with a grey beard sitting on a bench reading a book.  The old [...]

I’ve got a creepy feeling . . .

May 1, 2010 No comments yet

Have you ever noticed others watching to see what you’ll do next in the name of Jesus. Believe me they are. My friend, YOU’LL never be the example YOU want to be for Jesus. Period! YOU don’t possess what it takes. But HE does. Let HIM live through you. Let HIS life transform your life [...]

It’s all inside.

April 27, 2010 No comments yet

I believe that from time to time all of us forget that we truly belong to Christ. We really belong to Him.  He paid the price for us and now . . .  we’re His possession.  We’re no longer our own.  I believe we’ve forgotten what that really means. We’re not just trophies on some [...]

New Review

April 9, 2010 No comments yet

I’ve just taken on a responsibility that I hope I’ll really come to enjoy. I’ll be reviewing books for a web site and posting my reviews on the blog. After squeaking through H. S.  and hating every minuet of reading and writing reports it’s a little weird to think I’ll be doing book reports voluntarily. [...]

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