The Band of Brothers

Men’s Ministry

band_of_brothers_logoThe journey of true manhood begins with a personal relationship with God the Father. It flourishes and grows in an environment of interpersonal relationships involving family, friends and others.

The purpose of the men’s ministry is to help men discover their uniqueness as husbands, fathers, businessmen, leaders and men. We accomplish this through Graceway Groups, Saturday Breakfast, Men’s Retreats, conferences and special events focused around man’s innate desire for camaraderie and competition. At the end of the day, men of God impact their community, church, children and wives because they have been with God and found their place as true men.

The men of Graceway meet for breakfast 8:30 am the 3rd Saturday of each month at Foodworks Restaurant 2461 E Main Rd, Portsmouth. The meeting for October, 21st 2017 will be held at the church building.

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