“Making Time.”

Posted on February 11, 2010

I just got back from an incredible week off in hills of southern Arkansas.  It was awesome to explore the hills and valleys, spend time with great friends and t0 just relax. More importantly it was really cool to spend some quality devotional time alone with our creator surrounded by some of his best work.  There is nothing like being alone with God in nature.

It seems that no matter where you go to get away there are always interruptions, even in the hills of southern Arkansas. So, there I am sitting on the side of a really big hill surrounded by beautiful pine tree’s. I can hear the creek down below in the valley running it’s course to the river. I can hear the birds flying over head chirping as they maneuver through the trees. I can hear the breeze whispering through the branches above. I see the panorama of blue sky, green pines and brown hard woods covering the hillside across the valley. And I feel the warmth of the sun’s rays on my shoulders fighting back the morning chill.  I am relaxed.  And I am at peace with my God and His creation!  I’m thinking, “wow, this is just what I need.” And then . . . out of nowhere my pocket begins to vibrate and here comes the unmistakable sound of mankind’s new best friend, the cell phone. It seems they’ve got towers everywhere these days. You just cant get completely away from the distractions of this world.

We live in a world of demands, requests, requirements, deadlines, commitments, responsibilities, obligations, appointments, distractions, disappointments, highs, lows, here today’s and gone tomorrows and the list goes on. As time ticks slowly forward it seems as if we lose just a little more of who we are with every second that passes.  Our time is spent at work, with family, with friends and  . . . with God. However, more often than not, it seems, the later is less important than the former.  Making time for God is well, not that important. For many of us our time with God seems to be our “flex” time. It’s the time we give to God only if it’s time not needed for something else.

Please, stop for a moment and think. Now, answer the following questions as best you can. If the phone rings when your in prayer or study, do you answer it?  If your boss says, “I need you to come in an hour early for the next month or so,” do you wake up earlier so that you can still spend time with God before you begin your day? Or do you simply let it slide until your back on schedule?  After all, God won’t mind, right? (Do you even have quite time with your father each day?) Is God really first in your life?  Someone once said, “the way we live each day is the way we live our lives.” Are you living your life with or without God? Is He your counselor, your confidant, your father, your friend? Is He the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing you think of at night? What place does He hold in your life?

Look, we cant stop all the distractions of this world, they’ll keep coming regardless of what we do, but we can put them into perspective. When God, your Savior, your Papa, your friend, is given the number one spot in your life everything else will fall into place.  Relationships, responsibilities, obligations, everything will seem small by comparison to your relationship with Him and the grandeur of His love for you.

I challenge you to Give Him top billing in your life for a month, 30 days . . . 30 days and to see what happens. Set some time aside for you and He to commune.  Study, pray and listen and then pray some more. You’ll be amazed!  Will you accept the challenge?

Just a thought.


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